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Current status and development of the company

After finishing the project at hairfree at the end of 2015, Mathias Dehe then accepted several development projects in the franchise and licensing industry. In addition to a stricter focus on “process optimization in franchise headquarters”, he is expanding his expertise to cover company data protection. This enables him to advice system headquarters to enforce the legal requirements in this area. Furthermore, he is active in process digitalization of system headquarters and involved in the Society for Data Protection and Data Security (GDD) e.V.


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Mr. Dehe can refer to 25 years of franchise expertise. There is nothing he cannot answer. Finally, an advisor and consultant who lives up to his name.” Beate Winklewsky


Wax in the City

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„Mathias Dehe accompanies us in the restructuring and optimization of the operations in our franchise headquarters. In this collaboration we value above all his constructive, positive and questioning approach as well as his extensive experience and his passion for franchise.” Christine Margreiter, Wax in the City


VIP Konzept

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„Mr. Dehe has been a valuable supporter and consultant to our company for many years. He balances the generalist viewpoint and the specialist knowledge required by the industry and the resulting actions with an outstanding, practise-oriented consultation in which even complex change processes are safely and routinely monitored by him. Precisely his ability to adapt himself to the present internal structures and behaviours and taking them into account in his consulting activities is the reason for his fast and demonstrable successes. I consider his “community approach” and entrepreneurial thinking of Mr. Dehe as exceptional, as it also leads him to be personally and operationally involved in the implementation of milestones. Therefore he does not only show the right commitment at the right time, but also exemplifies it for others.” Bastian Schmidtbleicher, VIP-Training Variable Individuelle Prävention GmbH